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A Day in the Life of a Rabbi
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Q: I'd like to know about your everyday life because I am producing a project on the day in the life of a Rabbi. I would appreciate it greatly if you could tell me.

A: Your question is both simple and complex. The simple answer is remarkably similar to anyone else's answer (well, at least any other traditional Jew). I get up, recite my morning prayers (sometimes with a minyan at the synagogue, sometimes at home) get my kids off to school, have breakfast and check my e-mail. I spend the day in the office doing my work, find the time for mid- day prayer and a little study, and come home for dinner with my family. Often, I have meetings in the evening, generally after the evening prayers.

Of course, the not-so-simple answer is what happens during all that time in the office. I have listed below many of the activities which occupy my day (and night). This list is actually part of a process our board of directors will undertake to help define the most important things I do so I can be more effective. Of course, it does not include some important things like distributing charitable funds to the needy, meeting with people in crisis or responding to questions from the public, the press or -- the Internet!

sermons/Torah study preparation


teaching (adults)


teaching (kids)

college outreach (local)

college outreach (our kids)



visiting hospitalized

visiting home-bound

pro-active contact with members

fund raising

board meetings

committee meetings

answering phone messages/mail

community involvement

Zionist activities

conducting daily minyan

conducting Shabbat worship

administrative work/staff meetings

involvement in Conservative movement

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