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Oct 12, 2004
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From: "jlm548" [jlm548@y...]
Date: Tue Oct 12, 2004 7:51 am
Subject: Welcome

Welcome to the Agudas Achim Torah Study Group. This listserv was created to share weekly insights on the Torah portion, particularly as they relate to Avot 6:6 (pages 658-659 in Siddur Sim Shalom). Some of Rabbi Jack Moline's sermons will also be posted, and occasional messages from Rabbi Moline.

I (the self-same Rabbi Jack Moline) am the moderator of this group and the only one who can post to it. Having moderated groups before, I am determined not to have all my free time consumed editing heated arguments about syntax and punctuation and the animal origins of the parents of disagreeing participants. Argue off-line.

You can reach me with (brief) questions and (brief) comments at jmoline@a.... Please forgive me me if my schedule does not permit comprehensive responses. I will attempt, however, to include (brief) insights from my correspondents in subsequent listserv postings. Unlike you, please do not expect me to be (brief).

As such, some files may be large because I like to go on sometimes. I hope to have postings up before each Shabbat, but sometimes Shabbat may be the following Tuesday. While I stand by everything I say, you promise that if you forward anything I post, you do so in its proper context. And lastly, non-members may join this group at your invitation, but they should tell me who sent them; unfamiliar names without a congregational referral will not be approved.

After reading this welcome message, if you still feel welcome,



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