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Prayerbook Vocabulary Studies
P82–Where We Are So Far
December 26, 2008
© Rabbi Jack Moline

We have added sixteen more words to the vocabulary of prayer during these last months as we examined, one by one, the words in the third-to-last brakha of the Amidah, usually called "R'tzei." Many of the words in this paragraph appear in the opening blessings as well, so it is worth taking a step back from detail to see the bigger picture.

The number before each line is a reference to the "P" number that appears at the beginning of each weekly column, so that you can refer to the fuller explanation of the word.

    66 Please want,
    4 my Compassionate One,
    5 Our Judge,
    67,68 Your people Israel, each and all,
    69 and their prayer.
    70, 72 And return the sacred service
    71, 73 to the home of the Book.
    74, 66 And please welcome with willfulness
    69, 39 their prayer, offered in love.
    75 And let it be
    66, 76 that You perpetually want
    72 the service of
    68, 67 Israel Your people.
    78 And may our eyes
    77, 70 envision the full potential of Your return
    79 to Zion
    46 with compassion.
    2, 3 Empowered are You,
    4 my Compassionate One,
    80 who restores home
    81, 79 the pervasive Presence of God to Zion.

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