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Prayerbook Vocabulary Studies
P106–Where We Are Now
August 14, 2009
© Rabbi Jack Moline

Apologies for the hiatus in postings; our Rabbinic Intern was teaching during the summer. And now we will skip next week while I am on vacation.

For those of you following these small lessons, it is easy to lose the forest for the trees. That's especially true because we skip the trees we visited before, so there seems to be no week-to-week coherence in what we discuss. Therefore, it is time to pause at the end of this blessing and offer a cumulative translation of the paragraphs that comprise it.

"We, all of us, offer thanks to You
For You my Compassionate One
Our Judge, God of our ancestors
Here and now, and beyond.
Rock of our lives,
Protector of our salvation are You from generation to generation.
We thank You and tell Your praise
For our lives delivered into Your hand
And for the breath of our being with which You are charged
And for the extraordinary wonderful things that are with us every day
And for the wonderments and goodnesses of every phase of life,
Each evening, morning and noon.
The Good One, whose compassion has never ended,
The Compassionate One, whose love has never finished,
Forever we confidently await You.
And for all of these things may Your name be empowered and elevated,
Sovereign, forever, here and now and beyond.
All who live shall thank You, selah,
And praise Your name in uncompromised truth,
God, our Rescuer, our Helper, selah.
Empowered are You, my Compassionate One,
Your name is Goodness
And to You it is befitting to give praise."

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