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A Lasting Bond
My Point of View--April 15, 2003
© Rabbi Jack Moline

Our congregation has not included an appeal for Israel Bonds during the High Holy Days since I have been the rabbi. I expect that pattern to continue. However, my aversion to discussing such matters of finance on Yom Kippur does not mean that I don’t think you should be a part of Israel’s economy. Especially now, you and the State of Israel can do each other a lot of good.

Unlike various worthwhile tzedakot, Israel Bonds are not contributions. They are investments. In fifty-five years, Israel has never missed a payment on its bonds. And the rates that are offered are especially attractive in today’s economy. Many of you have personal holdings that can be rolled into Israel Bonds. Some of you can persuade fund managers to consider Israel Bonds as an investment option. All of you can move your longer-term savings into various devices that will pay you interest.

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