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From Walla Walla to Kallamazoo
My Point of View--Feb 04, 2002
© Rabbi Jack Moline

Numbers have always been important in our tradition. Seven days of creation, ten commandments, twelve tribes – numbers resonate for us in mystical ways.

It is therefore appropriate that this year's Purim theme is in the numbers – 3, 4 and 9, as in strikes, balls and innings. Perhaps by fielding the Agudas Achim team, we can influence the powers that be – in Major League Baseball – and bring a National League team to our metro area. If not, we will at least have a great time.

So what is the connection between Purim and baseball? Was Achashverosh king of the Persian Umpire? When Mordecai informed on the guards, did the king strike two? When Haman was hanged, was it a sacrifice fly? Can you do worse than that? Probably.

For example, which Purim characters rooted for which team? The hangman certainly cheered for the Yank-ees. The Persians who declined to fight against the Jews were fans of the Dodgers. The stewards who kept the cups overflowing at the king’s banquet loved the Brewers. And certainly Vashti hated the Expos(e).

So suit up, baseball or otherwise, and come to shul on Monday night February 25 at 7:00 for the reading of Megillat Esther and usual hoopla. If you don't come in costume, you must contribute to the Rabbi's Scotch Collection. The megillah will also be read on Tuesday morning at minyan.

It is traditional to get goofy on Purim, and we will do our best! So step up to the plate and keep your eye on the ball – because we’re going to have one!

PS – There are limits to our hilarity. No Cubs jokes.

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