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S2K, Y2K, We're OK
My Point of View--Dec 24, 1999
© Rabbi Jack Moline

One of the great pleasures of the end of each calendar year is the chance to celebrate Shabbat jointly with our neighbors from Beth El Hebrew Congregation. We trace our synagogue's origins to that 140 year old synagogue. Unlike many of the divisions which produce synagogues, our relationship with Beth El continues to grow stronger. The two congregations continue to co-sponsor Keshet Child Development Center, one of the very few such projects in the country under joint Reform and Conservative auspices. Rabbi Fink and I speak with distinct but unified voices on many issues facing the Jewish and general communities in Alexandria. And we are both Synagogue 2000 congregations, as Beth El has been a part of the “year one” cohort here in the DC area.

This year, our joint service will take place on Friday night, December 24. It will be our privilege to host Beth El at our regular 8:00 p.m. service. You are invited to join us and make our friends feel especially welcome.

It has been the tradition for the “visiting rabbi” to deliver a sermon. I suggested to Rabbi Fink that we try something different this year. He and I will respond to questions from the people attending services, dialoguing on topics of your choosing. We are especially interested in hearing your questions about the Synagogue 2000 process as Agudas Achim “graduates” from the program and Beth El prepares to move into its most active phase. Of course, we will try to answer any questions you pose.

It is a joy to be together as brothers and sisters, and to have a chance to explore S2K on the last Shabbat before Y2K. So be there! OK?

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