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What Ever Happenned To
My Point of View--Oct 08, 1999
© Rabbi Jack Moline

In the six weeks since I returned to my rabbinic duties, I have been asked about a number of activities we are used to sponsoring at Agudas Achim. The questions generally begin with "what ever happened to..." So here are some answers.

What ever happened to the congregational trip to Israel? Good news! We will actually be sponsoring two congregational trips this summer. The first will be the traditional family trip, geared especially for first-time visitors (but not limited to them), with a special service celebrating bar and bat mitzvah in Jerusalem. Rabbi Klirs will lead this pilgrimage. The second will be an interfaith trip, open to Jews, non-Jews and families which include both. It will feature visits to both Jewish and Christian holy places. I will be leading this pilgrimage. Both trips will leave June 21, 2000 from Baltimore and return on July 3. The trips will share the same hotel itineraries, but have separate daily programs, and each trip costs the same ($3280 for an adult, double occupancy). Please contact the office for a brochure for either trip or both.

What ever happened to our healing services? During my sabbatical, the healing services were discontinued in order to avoid putting extra responsibilities on the remaining staff. Happily, these moving and intimate services have been reinstituted. The first was held between Rosh HaShanah and Yom Kippur. Future dates include November 23, January 8, April 4 and June 15.

What ever happened to the Learners’ Minyan and the Kavvanah Minyan? In the absence of a chazzan it is impossible for me to lead services in the sanctuary and attend or conduct the alternative services in the chapel. These unique opportunities for becoming more familiar with services and exploring other ways to prepare for prayer will resume shortly after our staff reaches its full complement.

What ever happened to our concert series? The home concert series was the brainchild and special project of Chazzan Tasat, supported by Friends of Musical Enlightenment (FOME). Once a new chazzan is in place, we can look forward to the return of a regular cultural arts program for the synagogue. In the meantime, all attempts will be made to plan a limited program for this year.

What ever happened to Synagogue 2000? The impact of our S2K team has been felt throughout the synagogue. It has transformed in ways small and large much of the way we conduct the prayer life of the congregation. Expanding on the notion of inclusiveness and opportunities for involvement of our members, the S2K team created the brochure on agudot (groups) which you received at High Holy Day services. Please take some time to consider how you might deepen your own Jewish life by joining or forming an agudah centered around one of the six points of our visionary Magen.

What ever happened to Baby Jane? If you got this reference, you spent too much time watching horror films in the 1960s!

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