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My Point of View--May 20, 1999
© Rabbi Jack Moline

A little later than usual, here is my annual call for contributions to our High Holy Day booklet. Once again, I am soliciting original writings for inclusion in the supplemental publication we distribute on Rosh HaShanah and Yom Kippur. You may submit a poem, a prayer, a piece of short prose, a personal reflection on a theme or prayer, a short d’var torah or a memory of holidays past.

Generally, I prefer pieces which are able to fit on half a page, though longer pieces will be accommodated as best as possible. Contributions will be edited for length if necessary, and any substantive changes will be cleared with the author ahead of time (God willing!).

A number of people have asked about submitting inspirational selections which have been published elsewhere. We are delighted to include them, space permitting, with these conditions: the person submitting something non-original must secure permission (in writing) for reprint and be responsible for any fees or royalties. Please check with me before paying anything so that I can assure you of the appropriateness of your contribution.

Each year, we have included a page of organizations which have solicited the synagogue or the Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund for assistance in the weeks preceding the holidays. We have asked that congregants choose one or two and contribute in the name of the congregation. This year, I invite you to submit the name and address of an organization or agency you support and a brief (fifty words or less) paragraph on why you consider it important. We will include as many as space permits.

Please send your submission to the synagogue in one of these formats. Preferred format is on a disk in WordPerfect 5.x or higher AND a hard copy. Next best is by e-mail to me as a message, not as an attachment. We will also gladly accept the old-fashioned, low-tech piece of paper with writing on it!

Our booklet is enjoyed each year not only by our congregants but by an increasing cadre of rabbis and educators from other communities who have heard of our efforts by word of mouth. Thanks in advance for adding something personal to the already meaningful group experience of the Days of Awe.

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