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My Point of View--Jan 31, 1999
© Rabbi Jack Moline

This is the last Bulletin message which will appear before my sabbatical (though I have written articles to appear in my absence). Please allow me to reiterate the few considerations I ask of you during my time away from my responsibilities. Please do not ask me to make an exception to my hiatus for any reason; I will turn you down, in spite of the potential for resentment it might engender. On the other hand, I will be delighted for the social opportunities which present themselves when I am in town.

In case of a need for rabbinic or pastoral attention, please call the office. Emergency numbers will be available for after-hour situations.

My telephone number and e-mail addresses are public knowledge. Quite obviously, they will not be disconnected. However, I ask you to go the extra distance for my sake and not finesse my physical absence from the office by leaving me messages "just because I should know." I have arranged a discreet and non-intrusive way of remaining informed of the events in congregational life.

I will be back stronger than ever and refreshed emotionally and intellectually. Meanwhile, enjoy the opportunity to discover what I have long known: the need for a rabbi is highly overrated!!!

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